Mot Testing While You Wait
Mot Testing While You Wait


we use Autodiagnos equipment.

At A1 Pit Stop we have many years experience in servicing and repairing vehicles. We guarantee a high level of skill and professionalism. As vehicles have become more technologically complex, so we, have kept up with the changes in technology and have been continuingly developing our skills to ensure we can continue to offer he most effective service. 

Our commitment to you:
• We will expect to identify your vehicles engine fault as quickly and as accurately as is possible.
• We will do no more work than is essential to solve the problem.
• We will inform you of any unexpected developments or additional charges, before the work is carried out.

We achieve this by taking a structured, four stage approach to diagnosing engine faults:
We undertake a thorough physical examination of components, wiring and serviceable items, together with component cleaning. We also carry out serial communication using our Autodiagnos Multi-Tester-Pro, to check the vehicles diagnosis memory. Most complex faults can be resolved at this stage through close attention to detail.
Expect to pay from £80.00 including vat plus parts that maybe required.

At this stage we test component functionality and make any necessary adjustments. We test basic voltage inputs and outputs and carry out fuel pressure and flow tests if required. This enables us to identify any further work or repairs that may be necessary.
Expect to pay £60.00 including vat plus parts that maybe required.
Detailed testing using high performance oscilloscopes and other specialist tools will be carried out at this stage, along with advanced serial communication. A repair to wiring or component replacement often accompanies this work.
Expect to pay £120.00 including vat plus parts that maybe required.

This will be applied where intermittent or transient faults occur, these are often the most difficult and time consuming to diagnose. No one is more experienced or better equipped to resolve these problems. 
Charges are agreed by continuous negotiation.

Customers should note that 85% of engine faults can be resolved @ Stage one or two.
Our structured approach maximises the accuracy of fault diagnosis and minimises the cost to you.

Mot Testing While You Wait

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